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Navigating the

Uganda Airport

During Flight- On your flight, it’s possible that you will be given an ‘arrivals’ card to fill out with your basic information. Indicate that you are staying at Show Mercy at Field of Dreams Wakiso, and your contact is Bella: 0783481434 OR WhatsApp: 0706357332. Have a pen handy and keep this form with your passport and yellow fever certificate. 


Clearing Immigration- Once you enter the terminal building, you will clear immigration in the arrivals hall. Enter the “Online Visa” line and present your passport, printed visa barcode, arrivals card and yellow fever certificate. They may take your picture or scan your fingerprints at the visa counter. A visa sticker or stamp will be placed in your passport.


Exchanging Money- Once you have your visa, you will follow the signs to the luggage claim area, and you will see a kiosk where you can exchange your money. See the “Money Matters” section of the mission’s packet for more information. 


Luggage Claim & Clearing Customs- There are luggage trollies available for your use at no charge. After you gather all your bags, you will move towards the customs area. You will have nothing to declare so head straight to the x-ray machines and put your luggage through the security scanner.

Exit- Once your luggage has gone through security exit the airport.  Look for a large “Show Mercy International” sign and our staff will be waiting outside along with other taxi drivers. 


Traveling to FOD- The drive will be about 1.5 hours to the SMI base. Make sure you use the restroom at the airport in luggage claim before you leave. Be prepared for bumpy and dark village roads. 

Missions Teams Contact- If you have any issues when you arrive, or exiting the airport, you can call our staff via WhatsApp at +256 758872325. They will be waiting outside the airport for you. 

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