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We are thrilled that you will be joining us in Uganda!

This website should help you understand what to expect from your time serving with us at the Field of Dreams
 (the Show Mercy Mission Base) and address many of your questions. Please download and read our mission packet.. It is packed with helpful information that will assist you in preparing for your future experience in Uganda.

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The First





Flight Information: You will arrive at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda (airport code: EBB). Arrive on February 6, 2024 in Uganda. Leave Uganda on February 17, 2024. You are responsible for purchasing your airline tickets; however, we can help guide you. Let us know if you'd like to travel with others in the group. We will soon create a Facebook group to get to know one another. 

We recommend flying with Delta, United, KLM, or Brussels. Flights typically arrive in Uganda late in the evening, between 10 pm – 12 am. 

Safari: This trip includes a 2 night game drive at Paraa Lodge in Murchison Falls, Uganda (

Amazon Wishlist: We've put together an Amazon Wishlist of supplies you can buy to support our activities and outreaches. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!

FAQ: Click here for some common questions about serving with us. If you have further questions, you can contact us at

Your Time in


We desire is to help you uncover your God-given purpose and potential. You were born to make a difference, so we know this will be a life-changing experience for you.


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