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Most days will consist of breakfast, devotions, morning ministry, lunch, afternoon ministry, and dinner. In between ministry and meals there will be time to rest and enjoy the beautiful base and surrounding hills.

Expect God to Use You- You will participate in a variety of outreaches and work alongside our staff and interpreter. We aim to encourage each child and family to believe they are created for a special purpose in this life. While our ministry often provides for the physical needs, our goal is to point them to a personal relationship with Jesus. Expect to have opportunities to share your heart, passions, life story, encourage others, and help to inspire hope and love in their lives. 


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone- You will experience new smells, taste’s, culture, and sites. Be bold and push yourself out of your comfort zone and experience something greater than yourself.


Experience God- We aim to foster an atmosphere where you are encouraged to experience more of the love of the Father in your life. We believe lives are always changed when we step out of our comfortable and into serving others.


Be Flexible- There are many factors that might cause our schedule to not go as planned. Make sure to stay flexible and willing to go with the flow. 


Public Transport- There may be times where you will need to ride on a Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxi), through the bumpy dirt roads in the village. This is an efficient form of transport that we use often. 

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