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833 Impacted by Quality Medical Care

In the month of February, our team served 833 people in the villages of Bakka and Kaliti by providing free medical care!

We screened for various illnesses such as HIV, diabetes, hepatitis B, malaria, and H. pylori; and performed urinalyses for bladder infections and syphilis. Throughout each day, we saw and treated hopeless individuals in need of simple care.

The majority of the children we treated suffer disabilities due to untreated or undiagnosed diseases which have greatly interfered with their lives. Elderly women and men with diseases such as diabetes or hypertension received treatment and medication that government facilities failed to provide. We saw pregnant women who suffered with severe malaria and were at high risk of losing their unborn babies. So many people were helped on this outreach.

Every case was heartbreaking in its own way and we were humbled and honored to truly IMPACT lives!

Thank you for making this outreach possible.


“The medical outreach is not an ordinary activity, it is an event that presents an opportunity for people to receive treatment, hope and restoration.”

- Jonathan, SMI Clinical Officer


Checking blood for HIV, malaria, etc. at the lab
Checking blood for HIV, malaria, etc. at the lab

A jajja (grandmother) waiting with her grandson while he receives treatment
A jajja (grandmother) waiting with her grandson while he receives treatment

YWAM team member taking vitals
YWAM team member taking vitals

Prayer & Ministry Time

A huge part of our medical missions is to share the love of Jesus, pray for patients and share the gospel!

This year, our friends from YWAM Kona (Youth With A Mission) helped serve at the medical outreaches. YWAM serves at our base for two months twice a year. We love them and their partnership.

The team prayed, preached the gospel, and led a time of worship as the patients waited to be seen. The entire SMI team did a wonderful job encouraging each individual and reaching out in love!

Join us this July!

Show Mercy International provides short-term volunteer opportunities for medical and dental professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers with any level of experience.

When you join us on our medical outreaches, you will support our medical staff and team by providing medical care, well-patient checkups, dental care, and community health education classes reaching 100-500 patients depending on the team size.

Our medical outreaches are great opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others. The community is always so thankful for this outreach.


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