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God hasn't stopped working in the midst of this crisis

"If you build it, He will come. They will come" - Field of Dreams



Did you know we are building a new facility for the children and youth in Uganda? It's called "The Dream Center". It's located on our 14 acre property (just a short walk from the Field of Dreams mission's base). We plan to also build a primary school and leadership academy in the future too.

Click image to view on Google Earth.

Construction began in February before covid-19 took over the headlines. The facility is progressing day by day even in the midst of a country wide lockdown. We marvel at the fact that God knew what would be happening in our world, but yet, still made the way for this new "dream" center to come to pass. Since 2011, our Field of Dreams missions base has hosted 1000's of short term mission teams. The abundant testimonies of life change and renewed vigor to "live on purpose" have overflowed from many of you who joined us in Uganda. Our ministry expansion onto our 14 acre property will enable us to host 1000's of children who we believe will discover more of their "why" for life. The Dream Center will be far more than just a building. It will be a place where children can gather together and imagine an endless number of opportunities. It will be a place they feel loved, accepted, and secure. It will be a place they are free to discover their God-given purpose and experience the love of Jesus every single day.


Dream Center Building. Builders are adding the grass roof.

Interior of 2 story Dream Center Building.

We are beyond excited to see what all is to come of The Dream Center and cannot wait to update you with more information when it draws closer to completion. Thank you for being a part of building solid foundations for the children of Uganda to learn, grow, explore, and believe in all God has for them. A huge THANK YOU to Pinelake Church for raising the funds for this new children's center.


Show Mercy International PO Box 1003 Port Gibson, MS 39150 601.535.2790

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