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March was MARVELOUS!

THANK YOU for being a part of the incredible work that is taking place right now in Uganda. You are making such a difference through your generosity.

Our team was busy hosting teams and serving in the community in March. We truly believe God is growing Show Mercy in mighty ways and it's all because of YOU!

This month we encountered so many beautiful individuals that are actively being transformed by the love of Jesus. We are excited to share some highlights from the past few weeks...

Medical outreaches are a big part of what our medical team loves to do! This month we saw hundreds of individuals at the clinic, birthing center and in the villages! Many have difficulty traveling to the SMI clinic in the midst of their illness, so we are bringing medical care to them!

Lives are truly being saved through each diagnosis and individual treatment that is given during these medical outreaches!

We had so many amazing visitors in the month of March, including the founders of Show Mercy! Lori and Mike had a wonderful time on various outreaches alongside the Pinelake Church team and our current interns/visitors.

Mike and Lori were a part of ANOTHER water well commissioning, this time in the village of Kitooke! We've drilled over 30 clean water wells.. can you believe it?

A sweet girl in our program requested to see Lori because she felt the need to pray for her.

We believe it is so important to fill children’s minds with TRUTH in a world that can be so confusing. Many of the children become confused by the mixed messages that the world, and even local churches, teach them. They’re HUNGRY for the Word of God and for trustworthy leaders to point them to TRUTH! At our SNTH and Hot Lunch Program, we are not only providing a nutritious meal, we are sharing the truth of who Jesus is! Youth are learning who they are as God’s chosen children and the purpose they are called to. This is why we do what we do!

In the month of March, they were reminded that God is powerful, trustworthy and all knowing! They were encouraged to find peace in Him regardless of their difficult circumstances. Our team reminded the children that God forgives sin through repentance and putting trust in Him!

When you sponsor a child or help to provide a hot meal at the lunch program, you are helping meet their PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL hunger!

So many young lives are being changed through these programs. As we continue to provide hot meals for children who are unable to attend school in the community, we want to invite you to further the impact!

For only $10 per month, you can provide 4 hot meals to a child.


We are so excited to share that we have a newly appointed medical director! Jonathan has been a part of the SMI medical team for years. We are so grateful for his leadership & we are excited to see how God will continue to use him as he starts this new role!

This month, we also honor and mourn the loss of Jajja Fidelis. Fidelis was a part of our H.E.R.O. program for over 7 years. He had such a joyful spirit and blessed our team every single visit. We trust that he is safe and free of pain in the arms of Jesus!


In the month of March, we said "see you later!" to one of our wonderful interns, Erin! She served with such joy and truly blessed the community.

We also welcomed Clarize and Sheri to Uganda. Clarize will head back to The Netherlands in a couple of days after spending over 1 month serving with SMI, and Sheri went back home a few days ago! We are so thankful for their willingness to serve other and share the LOVE OF JESUS!!

Internships are an opportunity for YOU to serve alongside our team and discover more of who YOU are! We have room for you to join us on a 9-week internship in Uganda this year!


We had an amazing time with the Pinelake Church team in March! This college team spent their spring break in Uganda serving others and sharing the gospel. How amazing is that??

Pinelake Church is made up of 5 Mississippi campuses. The main campus is located in Brandon, MS. Also, Mike and Lori, the founders, attend Pinelake Church!

Maybe YOUR church or your family and friends would want to join us in Uganda this summer! There is plenty of room, and we would LOVE to have you.


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