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Move over covid, LOVE is way more infectious

You have made 2021 a


Thank you for making a difference in THOUSANDS of lives in 2021. Your giving is helping to empower and break the cycle of poverty within families.

Lives are being saved because of your faithful giving. The SEEDS you've sown this year, will reap a tremendous harvest NOW and in the FUTURE.

For instance, looking back to 2017, we discovered a precious family who was struggling immensely. BUT NOW, their lives have been totally TRANSFORMED.

Olivia and her family in 2021

“You have given my children and me hope. I could never have managed alone. I am grateful our lives are out of danger.” -Olivia

Four years ago when we met Olivia, she was struggling to care for her five children. Her house was situated in a low area, so when it would rain, water would flood into the house making their days and nights unbearable. Can you image living in ankle deep water? Neither can we.

The home they were living in (2017)

Geoffery is Olivia’s youngest child. He was extremely malnourished, and Olivia didn’t know how he would survive.

Then YOU stepped in.


Your generous giving enabled Geoffery to receive life giving medical care and nutritional support.

The family moved to a safe and clean house.

The children now attend school regularly.

Every week, these children attend our weekly children's gathering. They get to play, be children and learn about Jesus.

Olivia is now focused on being a mom. She's not struggling with sickness. She can go to bed at night and actually get a restful sleep.

Sleeping on a mud drenched floor is now just a fleeting memory, thanks to many of you.

Today, all of Olivia’s children are healthy and happy. They are learning about God's love. They are being inspired to LIVE ON PURPOSE. THANK YOU for helping to walk alongside Olivia and her family and choosing to make a difference. You are the power behind our work! Your continued giving year after year is helping to rewrite the life stories of many. We cannot wait to see the lives that are impacted in 2022. Happy New Year,

Mike and Lori Salley Founders P.S. If you'd like to give a year-end contribution, donations made on or before December 31st are tax-deductible for 2021.


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