Sowing Into Our Village Community

“If you care about the poor, you care about agriculture. Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for people." Bill Gates

Do you have a passion for gardening and/or growing food?

If so, we sure could use your help!

Jeremiah, a member of the Show Mercy agriculture team, teaching about doing things to high standards.

Two weeks ago, our agriculture team hosted their very first three-day Farming God’s Way training with the community.

(Read more about the philosophy and strategies of FGW)

Close to 60 people, representing seven different villages, attended each day!

During the training, the agriculture team used the Biblical keys of Farming God’s Way to teach transformation in people's lives. Attendees also learned the management keys of Farming God's Way, and received practical experience with making teren ropes and setting up a garden.

The attendees planted corn, beans, and sweet potatoes into a 6 meter x 6 meter garden, which in Farming God’s Way is called a Well Watered Garden. Everyone was able to practice clearing the land, digging planting stations, applying inputs, planting, and covering with God’s blanket (mulch).

The planting of the garden came to completion with everyone circled around it, praying for blessings in their lives and gardens.

From this training, the agriculture team has been able to establish five Farmer Groups. These groups will work together in each other’s garden learning Farming God’s Way as a team! The Show Mercy team will go out into the community and meet with these groups in their personal gardens to encourage, disciple, and evaluate how they are implementing Farming God’s Way.

Digging a furrow to plant beans.

Demonstrating the benefits of using God's Blanket.

Comparison of the amount of runoff and erosion with God's Blanket (left) and without (right).

Experiential Gardens

During the training, those that attended all three days were offered an opportunity to work a 6m x 6m garden at the Show Mercy farm for an entire season! These gardens will be called Experiential Gardens and will give participants an opportunity to receive personal discipleship time and training with the Show Mercy agriculture team. Show Mercy, with the help of your monthly contribution, is able to provide the seed and inputs required for the garden. The participants will be responsible for all of the hands-on work, but will have a trainer close by for encouragement and guidance. When the participants complete the season and fulfill all requirements, they will get to keep the harvest and will receive a certificate of completion.18 people who are excited about the transformation offered by Farming God's Way have signed up to work an Experiential Garden!
Making teren ropes using bottle caps.

Ministry & Teaching

With the message of Farming God’s Way,  together we will give the people in our area a real tool and practical knowledge to loosen, remove, and break the yoke of poverty.

This next season (beginning late February) the Show Mercy farm will have three field scale plots (.25 acres, .2 acres, .2 acres) and a demonstration vegetable garden (.15 acres). The farm will also have eight comparison 6m x 6m gardens well as four small demonstration plots.

The comparison gardens will show conventional farming on one side, and Farming God’s Way on the other, allowing visitors to see the real difference in the two methods of farming.

Praying after planting the Well Watered Garden.

Applying manure.

We are beyond excited as this ministry and garden takes off. Lives are being impacted.

Will you join us as we pursue this new area of ministry?

Your monthly contribution will help us to continue doing these types of training events as well as build some structures for water collection and food storage. SMI is looking for a team of people who would like to pledge a monthly gift. Your donation will enable us to see this ministry reach thousands!

“If you care about the poor, you care about agriculture. Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for people." Bill Gates Because of your support and important partnerships, transformation is happening.

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