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The FINAL update for 1st Pinelake Team

The children were gathered for a fun afternoon of games, learning about Jesus, and snacks! They were taught the story of David and Goliath.


We went out to visit different homes of children who are in our sponsorship program. The picture above is Benez and her children Johnson, James, and Benjamin. They were thrilled to have visitors. Benez expressed how thankful she is for the love she has been given by the SMI team.


The Dream Center building was funded by Pinelake Church, so it was fun to have some of the church members see firsthand what their generosity has built.

We had a small issue with our grass roof, so that is being worked on. BUT soon, the building will be ready to go.

We cannot wait for vocational classes, our bridge children's tutoring program, a library, computer stations, and so much more to be held in this building.

A HUGE thank you to Pinelake Church for partnering with us and making this possible.


The elderly in our villages are some of the most amazing people. Their life stories of perseverance and faith are inspiring. Unfortunately, they are sometimes the forgotten ones. They are physically weak, but their passions are strong.

It was our honor to celebrate these HEROs for the afternoon. (Our elderly program is called H.E.R.O. Helping Elderly... Relieving Oppression.) Ever since this program began, we have seen incredible transformation in the lives of the elderly involved. They have hope where there once was none. They know they are loved!


Our incredible staff at Show Mercy put on a "culture day" for the team. They presented different cultural dances from places such as Northern Uganda, Western Uganda, and more!

Click here for more pictures and videos!


Team Testimonies


A HUGE welcome to the next Pinelake Team!

We are so excited to have the next Pinelake team here in Uganda. We cannot wait to see what God does this next week.

We will be sending out emails with more updates, so be on the lookout! Also, follow us on all social media to stay up t


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