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The Pinelake Team is Changing Lives!

Elementary School Ministry

The team split up into 2 groups to visit 2 different elementary schools (1st grade-8th grade.) While they were at the schools, they shared the story of David and Goliath, played games with students, and loved on them!


High School Ministry

The youth in Uganda have been BORED during these past months, so seeing some new faces was a NICE change of pace.

We visited 2 different schools where several of the team shared their personal life stories including how Jesus radically changed their lives. It really impacted and inspired the high school students.

We handed out a much needed item to the students: MOSQUITO NETS. These help to fight against malaria. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to help us purchase mosquito nets!


Say No to Hunger

Every Saturday we host the Say No to Hunger program in 4 different villages. Close to 200 children from our sponsorship program gather together for a time of playing, learning more about Jesus, and a delicious meal!

The team had so much fun serving the children their meal, teaching them about Jesus, and handing out donated clothes. The children were so excited and thankful to receive new clothes (as you can see in the pictures below!)

A huge thank you to the people who have donated clothing and other fun items these past months. Thankfully we were able to send 16 FULL 50lb bags with this Pinelake team.


Team Testimonies

"Show Mercy has truly been a blessing. One thing that has truly touched my heart is the staff. Each morning waking up, I look for the smiles that I am going to be greeted by as soon as I walk up. I had the best time singing in the kitchen with Joann and squeezing Rachel as hard as I could! Thank you for your generosity and what you do here in Uganda" -Laine

"My favorite day so far was attending The One Thing (youth gathering.) Just seeing all the different smiles and laughter on everyone's face that day was the highlight of the week. As a kid, all you wanna do is play and have the time of your life. They did just that with all of the singing and dancing that took place. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people here." -Darius

"Being able to work with an organization like Show Mercy has been incredible so far. I had no idea the amount of people reached by this organization. The Lord is obviously moving here in Uganda. One experience that I've had that gives evidence of God's grace is when a group went to an elderly women's home. We talked with Jaja Christine, 2 of her kids, and 3 of her grandchildren. One of the children was walking on a crutch because she only has 1 leg and another grandchild had a mental disorder. She shared how the Lord provided Show Mercy and how she has been blessed by their love and help."



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We’ve seen people discover more of their God-given purpose and potential after they've said “yes” to serve on a team with us.

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