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There's no place like HOME.

While conducting home visits last spring, we discovered this family.....

A mother and her 5 children living in a mud house full of rain water!

The children slept on the cold muddy floor with no mosquito nets.

This mom worked 7 days a week, but it just wasn't enough.

We then shared the need with you, and YOU took action. 

She had no idea how her family's life would change...

Because of your faithful giving, we were able to find a new place for Olivia and her precious boys! 

Now she's packing her belongings... And moving into a new home!!

We still need your HELP! We are looking for a family of sponsors to sponsor this family.

Your sponsorship will enable this family to remain in their new clean rental house, receive much needed supplemental food and so much more.

Watch the video of Lori Salley, one of the founders, as she visits Mama Frank's house (Olivia). We are working diligently to help this family thrive. Join us!


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