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These Stories Are Blowing Us Away

These past few weeks have been filled with a variety of emotions and miraculous encounters. Our team discovered more families who were starving and hopeless, with no way of knowing if their loved ones would see another day.

During such a trying time, you continue to serve the people of Uganda through your generous giving. The impact of this outreach and lives changed in these villages is far greater than we can even express.

As a result of your giving, Show Mercy has been able to serve emergency food to over 500 Ugandan families (thousands of people!). God used YOU to bless His people and bring light into the darkness.

Here are a couple stories of lives you've impacted!



Imagine you are a mother of six children. You haven't eaten in days. As evening approaches, you have no idea what you are going to feed your children. Suddenly, you have a knowing that maybe...just maybe, God will provide. So what do you do? You instruct your babies to help gather firewood and prepare a pot of water to boil. Your children are confused, so you tell them you are preparing the water for the rice that God will provide.


Our team walked up to her house, saw the water boiling and the family rejoicing. Who knew that our team would arrive at the right place at the right time with the right thing, rice. That family ate a great meal that night. God answered the mother's prayer. We were in awe for sure.

Lord, help us to have a faith like this as we continue to walk through trying times.


"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me." Matthew 25:40


CHILDREN LEFT STRANDED TO CARE FOR THEMSELVES Junior and his two younger siblings are currently living without their mother while she is being treated in another village due to suffering a still birth. She is stranded because of the lockdown in Uganda. At eleven years old, Junior has taken on the role of caring for his siblings. They have been dependent on awaiting their eldest brother to feed them, but he is currently assisting their mother and cannot travel or send them food. Imagine the overwhelming joy on their faces when our team showed up with bags of food and warming smiles. A huge burden has been lifted off Junior's shoulders as he is able to sleep in peace, knowing his siblings are fed tonight. You helped these struggling children during this challenging time. Our team will continue to follow up on these kids. We are thankful the local leaders identified them, so we could help.


And to think this is only phase two of our emergency food delivery! We'll be sharing more testimonies this week.

Our team will move on to phase three at the beginning of next week. The outpouring of love and support we have received is what inspires us to keep pressing forward. We truly believe there is no end to how God can use us during this time.

You can continue to save lives and pave the way for transformation among Ugandan families.


Show Mercy International

PO Box 1003

Port Gibson, MS 39150



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