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'Tis the Season to Change a Life

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, the children are excited We are making a list and checking it twice Not one will miss the blessing intended Each one will have something special and nice Come join us and give them a grand celebration To show that their hearts are valued and loved A memory to treasure far into future All the glory be given to our Savior above

This time of year as the crisp autumn air succumbs to the cold bite of winter, we gather with our families and friends. Holding tight to the ones we love, we give gifts and share memories with each other, as we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus.

The same is true in Uganda (minus the crisp autumn air and cold bit of winter). The team in Uganda is planning a fun Christmas celebration for the children in our sponsorship program. We also hope to help some needy families in the community with some special gifts. 

This is only possible because of YOU, our generous partners.

THANK YOU for caring! Your Christmas gift will bring joy and appreciation to so many this year.


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