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UPDATE on Emergency Food Support Uganda

Because of your generous giving, the team in Uganda has been working tirelessly to procure rice, beans and posho (a corn meal) to deliver to the needy families in the village. The president of Uganda announced today that the current nationwide lockdown will be extended until May 5th. That means, Ugandans will have been stranded in place for over 5 weeks. They are not allowed to travel in vehicles to work or to purchase medicine, food and other necessities to live, unless they can walk.


Since transportation is shut down, our team has been using a bicycle to travel to the closest food shop, which is miles away, to place the order and pay for the food items. As of today, we've had over 2000 pounds of rice, 2000 pounds of beans and 2000 pounds of posho (not to mention some sugar, oil, soap, etc) delivered to our base. Show Mercy is working closely with the local leaders and pastors of our communities to help during this potentially catastrophic lockdown. Together, we are identifying the most vulnerable families. THANKFULLY today, we received permission from the government to travel by car with a limited number of staff to help those battling medical conditions. Our clinic is still open, but as you can imagine, if you are sick, you cannot walk the long distance for help. This is an answer to prayer! We are waiting for the final approval to deliver the emergency food supplies, which should happen by Thursday. Because of your generous support, on Friday and Saturday, we will rent a large transport truck, load up over a ton of rice, a ton of beans and a ton posho, head out and hand deliver food packages for 100 families. Each food package will include a note from YOU (Show Mercy) reminding each recipient they are not alone in this crisis and that Jesus LOVES them. We are believing not only will stomachs get full and bodies nourished, but the hearts of people will be much so, we know some will come to know Jesus as their savior. There is still time to give and help. We hope this will be the first of many trips into the village to deliver food. LIVING ON PURPOSE with YOU,

Mike and Lori Salley Founders

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