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URGENT... Pray for Bridget

Bridget's life is on the line and we are asking you to join us as we pray for her!

Here is a brief note from Bethany, SMI Sponsorship Director in Uganda:

"This morning, I sat with the sponsorship team and we discussed different ways we could include more of JESUS in our day to day work. We talked about many different things that we could do as a team. One of our social workers, Resty, encouraged us to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our day to day work.... It was a great talk together.

Later this afternoon Resty was traveling to a nearby village to check on a child in our program. Along the way, she had a tug in her heart to go visit a young girl named Bridget who we met at our medical outreach in July.

Who is Bridget?

Bridget is a precious 5-year-old girl who stays with her great-grandmother. She brought Bridget to the last day of our medical outreach. I was helping in the laboratory that day when we conducted tests and discovered that Bridget was HIV positive.Aside from the test results, I was really shocked at the state of health of Bridget (she is severely malnourished), so I immediately connected Resty (our social worker) with the grandmother to follow up on the situation.

After doing a follow-up home visit (and a visit to our SMI Health Center), Resty wrote a recommendation to add Bridget into our sponsorship program. We were in the process of putting together a plan of supplementary food that would help build her immunity and get her overall well-being restored.

Okay.... back to this afternoon. Resty stopped by Bridget's home where she found Bridget inside the home - severely ill. Her great-grandmother did not have the funds to take Bridget to the clinic to be seen by a doctor. Resty immediately brought Bridget and the Grandmother to the SMI medical clinic to be seen.

Bridget was suffering from a fever of over 104 degrees and was very close to seizing. Our clinic acted fast and got her on fluids and treatment to get her fever down.

I heard about this and went up to the clinic to visit Bridget and her grandmother. She is very sick with a bacterial infection, so I am asking that you stand with us to pray for sweet Bridget!

I also know that God has His hand on her - because the fact she even made it to our clinic was HIS doing. If Resty hadn't followed that nudge by the Holy Spirit, I know that the outcome would be very different for Bridget."  Bethany


Will you pray with us for Bridget?

We are believing God is going to heal and restore ALL areas of her health!

Would you consider sponsoring Bridget? She needs our help with food, medical care, and hope!!

By sponsoring Bridget today, you will help to defeat the darkness that is trying to end her precious life!


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