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What can make you think of someone else 86,400 times a day?


We are excited to announce that Bethany, our Sponsorship Director, is going to be having a baby in January 2019. This means she will be heading back to the states and transitioning out of Show Mercy.

She and her husband, Nelson, have been serving full-time with SMI in Uganda for the past 2.5 years. Bethany joined us in 2013 for our summer internship and has been on our team ever since.

Bethany has worn many hats at Show Mercy. She has always been willing to do whatever is needed. She's done a fantastic job of building our sponsorship team these past couple of years. If you know Bethany, you know she's a kind hearted humble woman.  She is going to be an amazing mother for sure!

We were blessed when she married Nelson and he joined our team. He helped create our Farming God’s Way program and has been such an amazing asset over these past years. His heart for the young men in Uganda has made such an imprint on so many.

These two have been a dynamic duo in Uganda!

A big THANK YOU to Nelson and Bethany for their faithful and loyal service at SMI.

A Word from Bethany

Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since I began my journey with Show Mercy International. What an adventure it has been!
Back in 2013, I first traveled to Uganda as an intern with SMI. After my internship, I moved to Oregon to work with SMI at their home offices doing Communications. Over the next few years I made many trips back to Uganda to help lead our internship program.
In 2015, I got married to my husband Nelson, and in 2016 we moved to Uganda together. We’ve now lived here, working as directors on the Field of Dreams base, just over two years and are preparing to move back to the USA.
I’ve spent the last two years focusing on directing our sponsorship program and Nelson has worked to implement the Farming God’s Way agriculture program on the SMI farm. We wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of you who believe in and are supporting the mission and vision of Show Mercy International. It’s been incredible to watch the impact and transformation in the lives of so many over the past five years. It’s incredible to see what God will do when a group of people says YES to his plans.
I wanted you to know, I am personally so grateful that you’ve said YES to SMI. Because of you, I’ve had the opportunity to experience and develop more in the past years than I ever thought possible. I’ve had the opportunity to grow in leadership, management, relationship, and most importantly in my walk with God.
When you invest in SMI you are not only bringing an impact to the Ugandans we are ministering to – but also people from all over the world. That's what you did for us. Thank you for believing in us and in what God is doing through SMI. You truly are making a difference.

~ Bethany Micek (and Nelson too)

Nelson and Bethany have been such an amazing asset over these past years. They have impacted more lives then I think they will ever know. Their love and passion for Jesus is inspiring. 

Their physical presence will be deeply missed by all of us at SMI; however, we never say goodbye, but rather...


PS. Stay tuned for our next update as to what the future looks like in Uganda at Show Mercy, since Bethany and Nelson are heading back to the USA. 


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