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Just like you, we believe these children deserve

an opportunity to receive an education.

Today, you can be the one to change their stories from despair to hope. 

Below are some of the children
in the most need of a sponsor.

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Meet Gideon! He is a kind and lively boy who lives with his single mother and 3 siblings. She is not able to support him by herself, and without support Gideon will face the realities of severe poverty. Like you, we believe Gideon deserves an opportunity to learn to read and write. He is very excited to be in kindergarten this year! He enjoys reading story books and playing football with friends. Join us and our family of sponsors in giving Gideon an opportunity to thrive, and chase his dream of becoming a teacher!






Edward is new to our program. He is 10 years old and in the third grade. He lives with his parents, but they struggle to bring in the funds to support him financially. We are looking to add an additional sponsor to help ensure Edward has a quality education and access to medical care. He loves the color white and he dreams of becoming a an Electrician. Would you partner with Show Mercy and Edward’s parents so we can help him continue in school?






Peter has a big dream. He dreams of becoming a policeman! Most children in his village do not have an opportunity to attend school, and face the challenges of not knowing how to read or write. Peter lives with his mother and siblings, and we believe that partnering with them, his story will be different! He started 5th grade this year, and enjoys his religion classes. Peter is friendly, and loves the color blue. His favorite food is matooke and G-nuts, and he often helps around the house. By joining his family of sponsors, you can help Peter and his family overcome illiteracy, sickness and disease!