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You are a part of your sponsored child's 

Amazing Story

Let them know you're thinking of them TODAY.

Sponsored Child

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Children LOVE receiving special notes from their sponsors. There are 3 ways you can send a note to your sponsored child.
  1. Type up your note in the box below. Our team will print it out, translate if needed and deliver it to the intended child. It's a quick and easy way to show you care, plus it will save you a stamp.
  2. Email a note to
  3. Mail a one page/one sided letter to:
    Show Mercy International
    P.O. Box 1003
    Port Gibson, MS 39150
Children also LOVE receiving gifts from their sponsors. There are 3 ways you can give a gift to your sponsored child.
  1. Donate towards a most needed gift for their essential needs (school supplies, clothes, shoes, mattress, mosquito net, food, etc.) Click here to donate.
  2. Mail a gift to:
    Show Mercy International
    P.O. Box 1003
    Port Gibson, MS 39150
3. Shop our Amazon Wishlist for youth programs.
Donate supplies, games and more from our.png


A few

1. Since space is limited when we travel we only allow items that are flat and will fit into a 6×9 envelope or Ziploc bag. You might consider sending small photo albums with pictures, book marks, stickers, pencils, etc. We ask that you not send candy or money to the children. We also ask that you remove all packaging and waste. ​

2. Here are a few suggestions when writing your child: Write about things that your sponsored child will understand, such as family, pets, work, church, hobbies, tastes in food, music and activities. Encourage your child’s learning and remind your child that you are thinking of them often and praying for him/her. To ensure your privacy, please do not include your address or contact information in your letter.

What is the process once we receive your letter?

1. Your letter/email will be sent to Uganda via email or in person depending on if teams are traveling to Uganda. Our team will then deliver it to the intended recipient. (They will translate the letter if needed.)
2. Most children write a response to their sponsors within a couple of months. Not all children can communicate in English, so a SMI team member will help to translate if needed. Some children will communicate back with a coloring or art.
3. Our team will send us via email a photocopy of the letter/drawing from your friend.
4. We will attach the letter/drawing in an email to you. (Be sure to always check your junk/spam folder for emails from us!)
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