Your room is ready at our missions base

Field of Dreams

in Uganda, Africa

Field of Dreams

In 2006, one of our founders was walking along the dirt trails of our recently purchased 25 acre property in Uganda. Suddenly, Mike was reminded of the famous line in the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, He will come.” He began to have a clearer vision of God’s heart for this property and knew that amazing things would occur when SMI began to build!

Mike could see:

  • lives being transformed by the power of love;

  • broken hearts of the orphaned and abandoned being mended

  • dreams & purposes of people ignited when they served with SMI in Uganda.


The base was then named “Field of Dreams” because of this inspiration.


Since that time, we have seen this vision being fulfilled. Multitudes of people have come and served with Show Mercy staying at our Field of Dreams missions base. The Field of Dreams is our central base of operations for all of our outreaches in Uganda and includes the following:

  • Team and intern accommodations

  • Long term missionary accommodations. 

  • A large multi-purpose facility called the Ark used for gatherings and fellowship

  • Medical Clinic

  • One Thing Training Center

  • Birthing Center/Maternity Ward

  • 5 Acre farm- Farming God's Way

  • Fresh water well which benefits both the compound and the people of the village of Nawanswa/Kaliti.

This is more than just a project – it’s a strategy – a perfect time to make a mark in history!


Join with us today as we continue to build the Field of Dreams and train a generation of leaders.

Field of Dreams Entrance

Entrance to Field of Dreams missions base.

Field of Dreams

View of Field of Dreams from across the valley.

Field of Dreams

The view of the Field of Dreams.

Team Housing

Each team house as 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with bunk beds in each room to accommodate up to 16 people per house.

The Ark

The Ark- A gathering place where we eat, fellowship, worship and spend time together as a team.

Walkway from Ark

Walkway from the Ark.

Inside the Ark

Over 25 countries have been represented at our missions base.

Cabanas for quiet times

Show Mercy provides a place for you to not only serve but to rest and be refreshed in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Long term housing

Our missions base is set up for singles, couples or families.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available for a nominal fee.


We have clean bathrooms with flush toilets, hot water and showers for all of our guests.

Drying Lines
Intern Housing

Intern housing. This facility can house 8 people. Two rooms have sitting rooms and two have a bunk bed. There is also a kitchen available for intern use as well as a bathing facility.

Show Mercy Health Center

SMI Medical Center at the Field of Dreams, where lives are touched daily with medical care.

Common Area

A common area in a short term guest house.


Bunk beds in one of the bedrooms. Short-term teams stay in rooms like this.

Beautiful FOD

We encourage you to dream with God. He has great plans for your life.


Study, pray, worship and be refreshed.

Ark Gathering Space

We gather here for food, fellowship, training and much more.

Intern housing.

One Thing Training Center

We host many different types of training here including Farming God's Way, Prenatal Care, etc.

Birthing Center