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Mission Opportunities 2024

Our mission opportunities are designed to give a firsthand look into the work of Show Mercy,
while offering unique opportunities to partner with our SMI team to reach out in love.

We have our trips listed below.

Our Missions Base is open YEAR ROUND,
so we encourage you to join us
ANYTIME of the YEAR with or without a team.

We would be honored to have you join us in Uganda Africa!

Show Mercy Opportunities/Trips

Uganda Mission.png


Cost: $1300 (up to 2 weeks - not including airfare)

Interested in joining us in Uganda, Africa? Please fill out the interest form and someone from our team will contact you. Trips longer than 2 weeks can be discussed!

  • Does my monthly donation go directly to my child?
    Our sponsorship model gives sponsors a personal relationship with their sponsored child while nurturing the partnership with the guardians and families we are working with. Through the donations from our family of sponsors, we are able to facilitate our programs and provide the resources needed that will create long-term success and bring true transformation. We do not give money directly to the guardians/families, but instead use these funds to help with supplemental food, education and other necessities.
  • Why do some children have more than one sponsor?
    Having multiple sponsors for each child allows us to make a deeper impact in their lives. This model multiplies your giving impact by helping children not only receive an education, but also empowers families to overcome the barriers faced in their developing communities. By having a family of sponsors, no child is dropped from our program when a sponsor cannot continue to give. Your giving not only helps the child you sponsor but provides opportunities for other children in the village as well.
  • What will I receive as a sponsor?
    Once we receive your first monthly sponsorship donation, we will send you a sponsorship packet which includes a photo and information on your child. Throughout the year we will provide you with updates, letters and drawings from your child. You may write to your sponsored child as often as you wish, however due to logistical restraints, not every letter that you write to your child will be answered. There are many opportunities for you to become involved in your sponsored child’s life by participating in our Birthday, Easter, and Christmas programs. We suggest $25 for each sponsored child. This allows us to use the funds collected to purchase gifts as well as organizing parties for the children. You are also welcomed and encouraged to visit your sponsored child in Uganda as part of a Show Mercy trip. The children get so excited when they get to meet those who have been sowing into their lives through finances and encouragement.
  • May I write to my sponsored child?
    Yes! Our students are always excited and encouraged when they receive letters from YOU. Go to to write a note or email your letter to These will be printed out and translated into the local language if needed. Or mail your letter and pictures to: Show Mercy International, PO Box 1003, Port Gibson, MS . 39150. Relationships are at the heart of what we do, so including photos is a great way to tell your child about yourself or your family. We work diligently to have the children respond to your notes, but due to distance, weather, and transportation challenges, responses may be limited.
  • May I send gifts to my sponsored child?
    It is very challenging to send gifts from the US to Uganda. Since space is limited when we travel we only allow items that are flat and will fit into a 6×9 envelope or Ziploc bag. You might consider sending small photo albums with pictures, book marks, stickers, pencils, etc. We ask that you not send candy or money to the children. We also ask that you remove all packaging and waste. Since Uganda does not have a waste management program like we do here in the states, trash/waste is challenging to dispose of, especially plastics. We do provide opportunities for you to participate in purchasing larger gifts but please do not feel obligated. Our team in Uganda uses the funds collected to purchase gifts as well as organizing parties for the children. Some of the holidays we celebrate with our children are: Birthdays, Easter, Primary School Graduation and Christmas.
  • May I visit my sponsored child?
    Yes and we highly encourage it as this is a very special moment when sponsors are able to meet the children they support for the first time. SMI has scheduled trips throughout the year. We are open to you visiting outside of those scheduled trips as well.
  • What if my child leaves the Show Mercy program?
    On occasions, your child may have to move or withdraw from the sponsorship program. This can be a number of reasons, including families relocating to other villages. If this happens, we will inform you and assign another wonderful child in need of love and care for you to sponsor. SMI will also mail you a packet of information about your new child.
  • How long is my sponsorship commitment? What happens to my child if I have to stop my sponsorship?
    Depending on the age of the child and where they are currently in school, will determine how long the child is a part of the SMI program. If you make a commitment to sponsor a child and are unable to continue, we ask that you help us find a new sponsor for that child. You can help by encouraging your friends or family to adopt your sponsorship so we can continue helping your child.
  • Does Show Mercy run an orphanage?
    NO. The majority of the children we are serving live with a parent, guardian or in a foster home. We believe God’s ultimate plan is for a child is to be in a close family - with their parents/relatives or foster parents where they feel safe and secure. It is a great way for them to understand the dynamic of family life and receive love and affection from caregivers. Our role is to partner with the caregivers to provide support through resources, emotional help and encouragement.
  • Will Show Mercy remind me of when my support is due?
    You have the option of paying for the whole year at one time, or donating monthly. We encourage you to consider either setting up an automatic “bill pay” with your bank, setting up a monthly electronic debit from your account (e-check) or providing a credit/debit card for us to charge each month to cover your sponsorship. If you choose to donate monthly by check, we will also include a remittance envelope with your receipt for you to mail your next donation in.
  • How will my sponsorship specifically impact my sponsored child?
    Your sponsorship helps ensure access to a quality education and medical care at the SMI facility, but most importantly, your sponsorship gives your child the opportunity to learn about Jesus and be encouraged through our discipleship programs. Your sponsorship also addresses physical needs such as food, which is provided at our weekly discipleship programs.
  • How can I pay for my sponsorship?
    We try to make it as convenient as possible for all of our partners when it comes to making your sponsorship donations. You can pay with a check, money order, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can even receive a voided check from your bank account and have the funds withdrawn each month on a date that you choose. If you pay monthly, we will send you a monthly acknowledgement that will include an envelope for your next month sponsorship. You can also choose the frequency of your sponsorship. You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. Debit/credit cards or e-checks are preferential to Show Mercy because they provide less administrative expenses and time to process. However, whatever way you choose will be greatly appreciated by the children you are supporting.
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