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to those

in need.

Chronic Care

Elderly Program

...bringing emotional, spiritual and physical support to the elderly


We are passionate about partnering with the local leaders 
to bring transformation in the lives of many.

...serving nutritious meals,
but more importantly 

love, acceptance and hope.

Suubi Club

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...empowering and equipping the future leaders of Uganda


Empowering and Equipping 
our friends and neighbors to be self-sufficient.

Farming God's Way

Agriculture Projects

...equipping Ugandans with Biblical agricultural and life skills enabling them to provide for their family and friends


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...enriching and inspiring the lives around us. 


Together, we can do even more!


...drilling and repairing wells to sustain healthy living.

There are many projects we are involved with in the surrounding villages.

Our goal is to bring hope and help to those in need.  

We visit and do ministry in additional places such as local schools, prisons, hospitals and churches. 

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