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For over 15 years we have provided opportunities for people to serve on short-term trips and internships to Uganda, Africa. We’ve seen people discover more of their God-given purpose and potential after they've said “yes” to serve on a team with us.


We know your passions will be ignited and your dreams awakened.


Join us on a life changing trip. We promise, you'll never be the same!


Orphaned & Vulnerable Children Support

You will have a chance to reach out and love the children in local villages. Some activities include:

  • Teaching in village schools

  • Hosting the children for VBS

  • Serving at one of our sites for Saturday children gatherings where you'll feed the children, play and teach.

Our passion is to equip and empower our neighbors and friends with the tools they need to be successful in life. We focus on improving the quality of life through a wide variety of community development initiatives; including adult education programs, income-generation, Bible studies and so much more.

Village & Community Development

Market Ministry
Prison Ministry
English Classes
Elderly & Widow Visits
Sports Outreaches


Medical & Dental Missions

On-Site Village Health Center

SMI Birthing Center

Medical & Dental Outreaches

Patient Home Visits

Educational Training

Show Mercy International provides short-term volunteer opportunities for medical and dental professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers with any level of experience. When you join us on our medical outreaches you will support our medical staff and team by providing medical care, well-patient checkups, dental care, and community health education classes reaching 100-500 patients depending on the team size.


Agriculture Outreach

Do you like to get your hands dirty? People, as well as the earth, are created to produce life and fruit.

When you join our agricultural outreach, you will have the opportunity to teach, train, and empower our friends and neighbors to implement farming principles that not only help to produce a bountiful harvest but also encourage them as individuals.


One of our main goals is to see your

passions ignited and your dreams awakened.


Join us on a life changing trip. We promise, you'll never be the same!

Types of



Tailor-Made Trips

One "size" doesn't always fit all!

If you or your group have unique needs or passions, we can "tailor" your trip to allow the flexibility and "fit" you are looking for, within the mission and vision of SMI.

We look forward to talking with you to see how we can help you create and fulfill the passions in your heart.

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You don't have to go to know.


in the Loop.

Visit & Volunteer with Show Mercy

General Trip Planning/Travel Guide

Your Airfare

You are responsible for purchasing your own ticket; however, we are always available to guide and help. The price varies seasonally and by airline, but usually costs around $1500.


The cost of your trip includes all transportation while in Uganda (vehicle, driver, fuel). One of our caring team members will be at the airport ready to pick you up!


The required vaccine for travel to Uganda is Yellow Fever. We recommend talking with your doctor to help prepare for your trip. You will need to bring your Yellow Fever certificate with you!

Click here for more information.


$50 for a 90 day visa

You can get your visa at the airport in Uganda or online at

Room & Board

You will be staying in housing at the beautiful Field of Dreams complex. Rooms include bunkbeds, dressers, showers, flush toilets and sinks. All meals while serving at SMI are provided.

Spending Money

You will need money for souvenirs and an occasional meal when you are away from the Show Mercy Field of Dreams base.


There's something about holding printed material in your hands. We'd love to send you a copy of our Missions booklet! Or maybe you have a friend that needs to hear about Show Mercy. Simply fill out the form to the right and we will put a packet in the mail to you.

Request our Missions Booklet by mail.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Read some testimonies from others who have served with Show Mercy in Uganda

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