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Providing life-saving

medical care
 while demonstrating 

the love of Jesus

Saving Lives through Medical Care

In 2011, one of our founders almost died from cerebral malaria after returning to Oregon from Uganda. After a battle for her life and miraculous recovery, we were determined to save as many lives as we possibly could...After that experience, the Health Center was birthed.  

Many men, women and children suffer daily with curable sicknesses and diseases, such as malaria. We've seen many lives saved because of our clinic.

Since opening, we've cared for over 30,000 patients!

Everyone of our patients leaves our clinic knowing they are loved and we are there....        

                                   Because Jesus Cares.

 Medical  Outreaches

Join us on a

Medical Outreach

and impact


of lives!

The people of Uganda

 need you!


Types of

General Medicine


Dental Care


Prenatal Care

Health Education

Chronic Care

Laboratory Services

Our medical clinic is a place where medical and dental teams can

demonstrate love by using their talents and knowledge

to provide basic treatment for those with no hope of relief.

The Medical Center

Our birthing center is a place where moms can have their precious babies in a safe and loving environment

The Birthing Center

A monthly gift of only $25 
can help sustain our Medical care.

The miracle of  Joel

Joel was brought to the SMI Medical Clinic by his guardian. Joel had life-threatening infections, was suffering from pneumonia and severely dehydrated. We performed lab tests and treated Joel.

After only a week he could walk, and though still weak, the pneumonia was gone!

SMI connected Joel with a nearby organization with a nutrition program.

Now, Joel is strong, joyful and full of life!

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Stay connected.

We need people that will help to offset the costs of continuing to equip and run the clinic monthly along with helping to provide for salaries of our Ugandan medical professionals, medication, etc.  Join us in this incredible opportunity to show love to the people of Uganda.

Consider donating towards this project or come serve in a medical capacity.

We will be glad to speak with you about opportunities!

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