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An Easter to Remember

How did YOU spend Easter this year?! We hope you were surrounded by loved ones as you celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. We had such a fun time celebrating with the incredible Show Mercy children!

SO MANY of YOU helped us put on one of our best Easter celebrations yet!


The children at each gathering had such a special time reflecting on what Jesus’ sacrifice means to them personally. We REJOICED in the truth that we have LIFE because Jesus sacrificed his own for us.

Everyone was reminded that HE LIVES &

Easter is a CELEBRATION because he is ALIVE today!

Our incredible team put together fun games and a time of dancing. Everyone enjoyed a very special meal and cake! It was truly such a joyful and intentional time of celebrating our savior!

Incase you missed it, we now have FIVE Say No To Hunger locations! That means we were able to reach even more children in the community by sharing the story of Easter with them.

This was our FIRST Easter celebration in the village of Sserinya. The first of many!

As the children come to know who Jesus is and begin a personal relationship with him, we believe they will share with their friends and family. Lives will be transformed! Easter is just ONE of the special days we are able to share reflecting on the sacrifice Jesus made for us.


Our team went above and beyond to bless two families in the community over the weekend as well.

Two mothers and their children were invited to Field of Dreams, our base in Uganda, for a meal and time of fellowship! They felt so loved as they celebrated Easter together. The children were so excited to have rice, chicken, meat, and soda!

We reached out to a Muslim family to share the GOOD NEWS with them. This family is surrounded by individuals that practice witchcraft.

We shared why we celebrate Easter and the HOPE that is found in Jesus. We were able to give a few special gifts to the children. We are so grateful for the time we had with them!

THANK YOU for reaching out in love and making this Easter one that we will remember forever!


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