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August 2020 Update


Bundles of joy continue to arrive at the new Birthing Center. Not only are we helping new moms and babies, but also those babies who are struggling and in need of help. Thanks to you, we've been able to see life transformations in the moms and babies. Give to Help Moms & Babies

Jaja Annette is feeling better. Bella (pictured with Annette) visited her recently. Annette has been struggling physically. She hasn't been herself, but with much love and medical care, she is feeling so much better. Donate to Help the Elderly

When transportation is a challenge and you can't make it to the grocery market, you make a garden. Our team has donated their time, talents and seeds to help our friends in the village start their own gardens. Plants in Uganda grow almost OVERNIGHT. Give to the Farm Project

Our AMAZING SMI partners are still doing what they can to REACH OUT IN LOVE. We just received 100s of precious hand-made dresses and shorts from the "Labor of Love" sewing group in Nebraska. We can't wait to take them over to Uganda. Get Involved by Clicking Here

We are working to organize another FOOD OUTREACH. So many of you have DONATED to help feed struggling families in Uganda. The need is still great and as you are reading this update, we are again making plans to order large quantities of food and supplies. We hope to begin delivery SOON. Would you consider donating to help us reach more families? Donate to Feed Families


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