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Clean Water Fundraiser

Because of YOU, we reached our fundraising goal to drill a new water well in Uganda, but that's not all... We raised enough funds for a 2nd water well and we are SO close to having the funds for a 3rd!

How it started:

How it's going:

You provided LIFE SAVING water in Uganda.

Until seeing the pictures above, you might have not realized how HUGE of a help this new water well is for our friends in Uganda. The water they were using to drink and bathe in is extremely dirty and is probably full of waterborne diseases. Thousands of people (including children) die from waterborne disease in Uganda every single year. That type of water should not have to be used by anyone. THANKFULLY, on Monday the new water well in Kitooke village was officially OPENED. Fresh and clean water is now available to this community. Lives will be saved because you cared enough to take action. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards this clean water fundraiser. You are not only SAVING LIVES, but you have brought hope and removed the fear of sickness for many.

MORE GOOD NEWS: A SECOND WATER WELL is in process. We will begin drilling at the end of this month (woohoo!!) As stated above, we have almost raised enough funds for a 3rd water well! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. Together, we can provide MORE access to clean safe water. Would you consider giving towards the 3rd water well? click here. If you are unable to donate, please share this with your friends and family! Please check out Sonya and Brittany's fundraising page by clicking here.They helped get the ball rolling. THANK YOU!


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