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Empowering women & girls to change the world!

We reached out to the women in the community in more ways than one this month!

We believe that the women in Uganda will change the world. First, we must ENCOURAGE, DISCIPLE, and EMPOWER them to be the women that God created them to be.

As the young girls grow around us, they will know that they are supported and surrounded by so much love! Instead of doubting their purpose, they will learn the truth and truly impact those around them.

In the beginning of April, women gathered in the village of Bakka to be encouraged and learn from our team! They discussed the many areas of life that try to distract us from God. We gave practical tips in the areas of health and hygiene, in hopes of making those aspects of life a little less difficult. Everyone that attended the gathering received special hygiene bags

Would you pray for the women in the community of Bakka? Ask the Lord to guide them through whatever circumstances they face. May they never lose sight of his presence and goodness!

The Farming God’s Way team continues to blow us away by their desire to see lives changed through sustainable food sources. Whether they’re gathering 30 people or 5, they intentionally share the tools and knowledge needed for families to grow their own food.

This month the team gathered women to share Farming God’s Way practices. The women were empowered to take action and ownership over their land… and to place their land into God’s hands! We are so inspired by how hard these women work to provide food for their families.

Last week, we invited young girls from our Ignite program to Field of Dreams for mentoring! The community development and hospitality departments partnered together to train the girls how to BAKE! It was SO fun!

During the training, the girls learned how to mix ingredients for cakes and muffins and how to properly prepare the pans. Since the homes in the villages do not have ovens, the girls were taught how to bake over a charcoal stove. Isn't that amazing? Through learning these skills, we hope that it will give the girls an opportunity to bless their community and maybe even start a business in the future!

One of the ways that the medical team supports women in the community is through chronic care clinics! These clinics are a way for our medical team to consistently sow into women that need additional support and health education. During chronic care gatherings, patients receive needed medication and teachings on preventative care. They are encouraged and know that they are not alone on their health journey! This month, a group of women learned about the causes and risk factors of heart attacks.


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