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Gaining Confidence Through Sewing!

Gaining Confidence Through Sewing!

Something as simple as a sewing class, helped to build up the confidence in some amazing ladies.

For 7 months, 3 days a week, 14 ladies met in a classroom at the Show Mercy Field of Dreams Vocational area. Not only did they learn to sew, but they built up a confidence in who they are!

14 lives have been changed because of our SMI Partners!

They used their new skills to sew sanitary pads, which are being given to young ladies in the surrounding villages. They also have been sewing outfits to sell and earn money.

These women are grateful to have had this opportunity!

This program was started by two amazing women, Angie and Celeste from California. They are returning back to Uganda in January 2020. We are so thankful they cared enough to travel over and pay it forward by sharing their sewing talents.

Thank you for caring enough about others to support Show Mercy. You are bringing hope, purpose, and have stirred up creativity and confidence in these ladies!


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