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Give Clean Water Today

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

UPDATE: GOAL WAS REACHED. $10,000 was raised and NOW A NEW WATER WELL IS IN THE WORKS!!! Did you know the average American family of 4 uses between 300 - 400 GALLONS of water per day!

For most of us, we just go to the faucet and turn it on. VIOLA! Water runs freely for as long as we want. Easy breezy! For the families we serve in Uganda, that isn't the case at all. They travel miles to collect their water. Then, they physically carry the water jugs back home. I'm talking 42.7 pounds of water per 5 gallon jug. Talk about a back breaking task! Not only that...DECISION should they divvy up that water? Let's say they collected 80 pounds of water (only 10 gallons). Should they wash their children's clothes? Should they water their garden? Should they use it to drink or maybe cook?

Brittany and Sonya have seen first hand these struggles and are taking action. Together, we can help their efforts.

They have raised $3,850 so far of their $10,000 goal. Only $6,150 to go! If 100 people donated $61.50 we could provide clean water to a community in Uganda.

Spread that out over a couple of months of small donations and that is doable for sure. Don’t have $61.50? That’s ok! Give what you can and share this with your friends and family so they can be a part of it too! Check out their fundraising page by clicking here. Together, we can help bring clean water to some amazing people in Uganda.


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