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Help us fill the Show Mercy Library with BOOKS


Just like you, we believe the children in Uganda deserve the opportunity to develop a love for reading and access to the tools that will help them learn. Unfortunately, most of the children in the communities we serve in Uganda DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO BOOKS or the INTERNET. But, TOGETHER, we are going to change that! Our first task....BOOKS. We are excited to begin filling up the library in the Show Mercy Dream Center with books, books and more books, but first... WE NEED YOUR HELP There are 3 ways to get involved:

  1. 1. DONATE: Help us purchase books in UGANDA as well as from the USA. Your donation will also help to transport the books to our new library in Uganda.

  2. 2. AMAZON: Purchase books on our Amazon Wish List (the list is a work in progress).

3. UGANDA: Go on a trip with us and help set up the library. HELP RAISE UP READERS WHO BECOME LEADERS. Sample Books from our Amazon List. We will be adding more books to our wishlist soon!

Together we can fill up the shelves at the Show Mercy Dream Center Library with BOOKS!


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