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Introducing the Suubi Club!

The "Say No To Hunger" Program Has a New Name

Introducing... Suubi Club!

Our "Say No to Hunger" (SNTH) program started 12 years ago with 50 children. Now we host close to 300 children every Saturday. We've definitely been saying "no" to hunger - not just physically, but spiritually.

BUT, it's time for expansion, time to reach more vulnerable and orphan children....and with that we've decided on a NEW NAME - Suubi Club!

Now, you may be wondering... What does Suubi mean?

In Luganda, Suubi means HOPE. Hope is a powerful word filled with faith, life and purpose. We aren't talking the kind of hope that just wishes. We are talking about a hope that believes for the impossible, remains steadfast regardless of what comes our way, because we know where our HOPE comes from - JESUS.

Our ultimate goal is that these children would experience the LOVE of Jesus in such profound ways that they become carriers of hope everywhere they go...AND we are seeing this already. SO, SUUBI seemed to be a fitting name.

But wait... there's more! Not only does SNTH have a new name, we also plan to expand to more locations. We currently have 5 different locations, and we are planning to add 7 more.

More locations means MORE children will be helped, empowered and mentored. Our goal is 400 NEW children. WE CAN'T WAIT!!

Our passion is to mobilize, inspire and empower people to live on purpose, so we are seeking out volunteers in the community that have a passion for the youth and children. We will walk alongside them by empowering them and giving them the resources and training they need to run these clubs.

But, we need your help. Would you consider donating towards this expansion? A monthly pledge would be a huge gift to help launch this new outreach.

The team is headed out as you read this to meet with some of the new volunteers and host churches.

You are the power behind this work. You are shifting the course of history, one child at a time. THANK YOU.

Mike and Lori Salley



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