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Loss and grief is not easy


Abdul said "YES" to Jesus

Did you read the story in the 2021 Fall Newsletter about Abdul accepting Jesus? The story is down below if you missed it. It's a story of "JOY COMING IN THE MORNING."

After walking through a dark and grievous several months, we are happy to report that Abdul and the girls are doing better. It's still challenging for Abdul to navigate raising a family of girls as a widower, but thankfully he isn't alone. He has family, friends and the SMI team to walk with him.

Our team was so impressed and moved by Abdul's desire to keep all of his girls with him after the death of his wife. Like we mentioned in our newsletter, his relatives wanted to take the baby to help relieve Abdul of the responsibility. He knew his heart of love would help him to persevere through what the days ahead would bring. Because of this desire, we felt compelled to help him walk this journey out.

We love the picture below of Hannah (SMI's latest short term missionary) visiting Abdul and his family.

This is the SMI team's update from her visit last week: "We reached out to this lovely family, with an aim of sharing about the Gospel of Peace, because Abdul is still a new believer who needs guidance and assurance that he will find peace in the Lord. We had a great fun time; played the name game, praised and worshiped the Lord, coloured pictures with the children and Hannah said a closing prayer." (LOOK AT THOSE SMILES)

Because of the generous support from many of YOU, Abdul and his girls were over the top excited to receive much needed beds, bedding, supplies and so much more. The girls are also in our supplemental food program. Our goal is to help this family get on their feet...helping them get up so they can run the race God has set out for them.

THANK YOU for your generous donations to help this family!

Abdul's Family's Story from the 2021 FALL NEWSLETTER "Earlier this year, this family's life changed drastically (pictured to the left). Sadly, their loving wife and mother Rebecca passed away. As the reality of her passing began to sink in, the extended family decided it was too much for Abdul, the father, to care for his girls alone. He was devasted by this suggestion, but his hands were tied. He’d suffered a debilitating hernia months earlier and was unable to work. As our team visited to check on them and deliver food and supplies, we heard the heartache and despair in Abdul’s voice. He knew if he could work, he would be able to provide for his family. He wanted so badly to take care of his girls. The thought of them having to leave was unbearable. We investigated the cost of surgery and then reached out to some of YOU for help. Through your loving support, Abdul's surgery was a huge success, and we were able to help with some new beds, sheets, kitchen supplies and more. Abdul has now returned to work. The best part of it all, because of the love and care shown to Abdul, he came to know about Jesus. He was excited to say yes to Jesus and so thankful for all HE has done. Thank you again making LOVE come alive in the midst of a time of grieving. As you can see, they've found joy in the midst of this trial."

Would you like help Adbul and his family?  Rashida and Fatuma (2 of Abdul's daughters) have been in our sponsorship program for a few years. BUT now... we are thrilled to add 2 more of his girls, Hasifah and Madinah, to our program. By sponsoring these two girls, you'll be helping Abdul get on his feet while providing an opportunity for these girls to get a quality education, medical benefits and so much more. Partner with us and join our family of sponsors. Already sponsorsing? Then consider sharing

with your friends and family!

Click here to sponsor Madinah Click here to sponsor Hasifah


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