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Meet a few of the people you impacted in 2021!


Words can be powerful, BUT yet, they feel inadequate at times. The words, " THANK YOU" are meaningful, but as I type them, they just don't CONVEY WHAT IS TRULY IN OUR HEART. Do you see those faces above? These are just a few of the people YOU HELPED in 2021. Your giving and prayers brought a smile to their faces. You helped to push some of them on into HOPE and FAITH. Your donations brought health and safety to their families. They each have a story, a testimony, a moment in 2021 when they were wondering what tomorrow might hold. They are just like you and me. We are amazed as we review this past year. YOU are some of the most generous people on the planet. What words can we use to express our sincere gratitude to you? THANK YOU!!!! (yes, we are yelling it with joy at the top of our lungs.) Our prayer for you is that God would continue to lavish you with his goodness in 2022. That you'd SEE his promises he gave to us all through Jesus.

Thanks for LIVING ON PURPOSE and BELIEVING for ABOVE AND BEYOND what we can all think or imagine,

Mike and Lori Salley Founders P.S. Donations that are made online on December 31st OR postmarked on December 31st are tax-deductible for 2021.

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