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One by LOVE

Help us fill the HEARTS, by getting  14 children sponsored in February.

(1 heart has been filled. Only 13 more children to go to reach out February goal!)


How many people will you meet in your life time? 

How many of those people will you truly impact?

The answer is different for all of us. Who doesn't want to leave a positive impact on this world? At Show Mercy, our passion is to Live on Purpose. Sponsorship is one way we, together, can do that.

Sponsorship empowers children and their guardians in so many ways. They receive a quality education, medical care, encouragement and so much more!

You can be a instrumental in transforming a life today.

Some of the children have been in our program for some time, but have lost their sponsor for one reason or another. Others are new to our sponsorship program. Some of the children are in need of additional sponsors, so they can attend better schools or maybe they need additional family support at home?

With your gift of only $39 per month, lives are helped and transformed. Some benefits of sponsorship include:

THANK YOU for responding to the cry of injustice of so many children in Uganda!

Together, we are LIVING ON PURPOSE and helping to shift the future and lives of people who matter.

Mike and Lori Salley

Co-Founders of Show Mercy International

PS - Living on purpose means to be intentional with your life. When we are intentional, things happen, goals are met and lives are impacted for the good.


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