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Only 2 more kids left!

In the past week, 18 children have been sponsored! To everyone who has stepped forward to sponsor a child, THANK YOU! Now, those 18 children KNOW they are loved. Now, those 18 children can ATTEND school. Now, those 18 children can REACH their dreams. All. Because. Of. YOU. 1 week ago, we set out to get 20 children sponsored in 30 days.Will you help be a voice for those final 2 children?

Meet Hussein

Meet Alpha

Alpha, Hussein, and Abdu (who was recently sponsored!!!) are just a few of the children we’ve met who have faced unimaginable circumstances over the course of their young lives.

They are so full of LIFE and desire to experience MORE than the harsh realities of poverty.

Abdu, the stepbrother to Alpha and Hussein, is only 5 years old. He lost his father to a car accident before he was born. Three years ago, one case of severe malaria left Alpha and Hussein’s father without the ability to walk.

The mother to all 3 children felt overwhelmed by the burden of caring for them on her own, so she left them.

In faith, Ralma (the grandmother) stepped in to raise Alpha, Hussein, and Abdu as her own, without support. Ralma struggles daily to provide the most basic needs for the children. Community members donate food to the family and Ralma works hard to try to send them to school. Without support, Ralma won’t be able to sustain the costs of education on her own. We are praying and believing for a family of sponsors to come alongside Ralma and transform her family’s reality today. When you sponsor Alpha or Hussein, you are giving them HOPE for their future. You are providing them with the opportunity to have a consistent education. Your efforts will go beyond helping these children alone. You will come along side the entire family and empower Ralma to be the caregiver she desires to be! Sponsorship will allow Alpha and Hussein to dream BIG. It will help bring them from a place of hopelessness and poverty to a place of love, safety, and acceptance!


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