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Paralyzed At Home Without Hope

I want to share with you Nathan’s story.​​​​​​​

Nathan did all he could to support and provide for his family, but a terrible accident of falling down the stairs changed ALL of that. Nathan ended up in a wheelchair, unable to move, and unable to be the provider he wanted to be.

In the past 7 months Nathan had not received treatment, because he could not afford it. He began to fall into a state of depression.

Nathan's story doesn't end there though. Nathan’s family heard of the SMI medical outreach. They were desperate for help. They asked if someone would follow them home to help transport their disabled father and friend so he could be seen by the doctor.

In that moment, we had a choice....

To say it will take too much time, OR to go an extra mile and with our actions speak a message of love and truth over Nathan.


A staff member drove to Nathan’s house, picked him up, and brought him to the outreach. For the FIRST time Nathan saw a doctor. The doctor made a plan with Nathan, giving him HOPE that he may again walk someday! The team took Nathan home and spent time with his family in their home. They talked about the gospel and prayed over Nathan. At the beginning of the day, Nathan was hopeless, but by then end he had hope and joy revived in him! He was reminded he wasn't alone. This was the start of a new chapter in Nathan and his family's life. Did he get healed that day? Not physically, but we believe his heart was healed. He now has the desire to pursue the next steps. Love removed the road block of hopelessness.



Who is someone in your life you can encourage today? Who can you show that they matter and have value? We want you to know that YOU MATTER! Your life has meaning and value, and we see the IMPACT you are having in this world for God’s Kingdom.

THANK YOU for all you are and all you do!


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