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The cry of hunger from an infant is an unbearable thing, but together, we are stopping those cries.

We published this story in our latest newsletter. We wanted to make sure that everyone heard about this amazing transformation. You will be inspired as you read about Olivia and her mom, Leticia.

"It was an extremely rainy day but our hearts weren’t settled knowing that across the valley next to our maternity center there was an infant fighting for her life due to malnutrition. Baby Olivia was born at our center, so we were already bonded, but on that day when she showed up to get her immunizations, we were heartbroken to discover she was severely malnourished. As the day went on, we couldn’t get her off our minds. In spite of the wet and muddy conditions, we decided to venture out to check on her. We put on our boots and started on our journey into the bush. During the journey, there weren’t any roads or foot paths, but we didn’t give up hiking to baby Olivia’s homestead. We made our own path which required us to pass through gardens, jumping over water channels and at times wading through water that nearly reached our knees. We heard a loud welcoming cry from a child who was extremely irritated by hunger pains. The mother had tried to breast feed little Olivia, but sadly the mother herself was malnourished and unable to produce adequate milk for her child. The remedy… boil water with a few added sugar crystals. This had been going on for a while. As we investigated the story, we found out the nursing mom only eats once a day and that meal is minimal. Imagine a malnourished mother breastfeeding… this only worsens the situation. This happened in March 2023, but now baby Olivia and her mother are both receiving food and other needed items from Show Mercy. We can’t thank you enough for helping babies like Olivia. The cry of hunger from an infant is an unbearable thing, but together, we are putting a stop to those cries."


An amazing transformation has taken place in 2 short months. You can see in the pictures below that both Olivia and Leticia are gaining weight and getting stronger!

Would you consider a monthly donation so we can continue to help babies like Olivia?


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