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We are dreaming for their future: 20 children in 30 days


With the help of the local leaders and pastors, we have identified

60 NEW CHILDREN to add to our program.


Our goal for July is to get 20 of these children sponsored in 30 days.

BUT GUESS WHAT....we are ahead of the game.

In just the past week, 7 children were sponsored. WOOHOO!!!

Like you, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity for an education, access to medical care and to discover more of Jesus.

We realize some of you reading this might be concerned about your personal resources. Everywhere you look on social media and the news, gloom and doom is predicted.

We also know, you can't out give GOD! If you are moved even in the slightest to help, we invite you to step out and "walk on the water" with us.

We've already starting feeding these children each week IN FAITH.

Do you remember the testimony of Isaac in the Bible? Isaac sowed in a time of famine... BUT, that's not all, he also got a return on his investment that same year.

We know when God highlights an area he wants us to help with, he has some amazing things in store.

So, we invite you to join us. Let's build our testimony together of just how faithful God is and help 60 children as well!

Mike and Lori Salley


How can YOU help to change a life?

Together, we can reach our goal by advocating for these children and their families.


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