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YOU Brought Hope During a Very Dark Moment

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

You are making a HUGE IMPACT! Sponsoring helps provide a child with an education, medical care, and supplemental food, but it is SO MUCH MORE. Sometimes, it looks like walking alongside a child, providing support and encouragement during the loss of a parent. Sadly, this is the story of one of the children in our sponsorship program who lost their mother unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Our caring staff attended the funeral and have been a great encouragement during this challenging time. Because of you, the vulnerable children we serve have people in their life who care. This is sponsorship in action! Sponsorship enables our loving team to walk through the challenges of life and give the children hope for their future. Not a sponsor yet? Consider making a difference in a child's life by joining our family of sponsors. You monthly donation will help provide life-giving care, love, and encouragement. We have several children still needing a sponsor.


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