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YOU did something AMAZING

We believe NO child should have to endure hunger.

Did you know that we host the Say No to Hunger program every Saturday in 4 different villages? Well..because of YOU, we have now expanded our Say No to Hunger program to a 5th village. WOOHOO!!

Last Saturday, we gathered 25 NEW CHILDREN to teach them about the LOVE of Jesus, play games, feed them not only physically, but spiritually and so much more.

Thank you for making this possible.


The gift that keeps on giving!

YOU helped reach the goal of $1,500.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased a "" shirt! Your purchase is truly going to make an impact in the lives of SO many moms and babies.

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, we still have a few t-shirts listed on our website!


Clean water is something most of us take for granted. In Uganda, many people walk for MILES to collect not just water, but dirty water. Because of YOU and generous partners like Elijah Streams Ministries, that story is changing.

20 water wells have been drilled in Uganda and 17 of them were drilled in the past 10 months. Can you believe that? YOU DID THAT.

Hundreds of people now have access to clean, safe water because of YOUR generosity. Thank you!!

Map of Water Wells

*Water well locations are not exact. They are not numbered in order.

Would you help Juma and his mom realize that they are NOT alone?

Juma is a precious boy who is new to our program. Although he has had a tough life for a 7 year old, he is still full of so much JOY! (Isn’t that inspiring?)

While Juma is full of Joy, his mom is full of worry. She worries about Juma’s future. How is he going to get an education? How is he going to eat? How will I provide for him and my family?These are the questions that fill her mind every single day. By partnering with her and our family of sponsors, YOU could be the answers to her questions. YOU could be the answers to her prayers... Can you imagine the look on her face when we tell her that her little boy has a SPONSOR and has the opportunity to get a QUALITY education?

For $39 a month YOU will provide Juma with the opportunity of education, medical care, food and so much more. Juma and his mom need YOUR help!

You only live once, so why not make it count? Join us on a short term mission trip! You'll discover more about purposeful living and making each second of your life COUNT.

Erin has been serving in Uganda with SMI since January 2022. She is a joy to have around and we LOVE her passion to serve others.

We had an amazing time at the end of January with the Crossroads Church team. They touched the lives of so many while in Uganda. Thank you for choosing to make a difference and sharing the LOVE of JESUS!!

Steve and Sonya are also from Crossroads Church, and they are currently serving with SMI in Uganda. This is their 2nd trip! In 2021, Steve and Sonya, together with their friends and family, raised enough money to drill 3 water wells! Isn't that amazing?


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