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Youth Programs Update

Did you know that Uganda operates on a year round school calendar? The school year typically starts in February and ends in November. There are 2-3 week breaks in between terms and a long break over Christmas time before moving onto the next grade.

They headed back to school after a 3 week break on May 9th, but while the students were home on their first holiday break of the school year, we were able to spend so much time with the children and youth in the Show Mercy family. Here are some of the fun gatherings, including Say No To Hunger, which we had over their break.

Ignite Movie Night

At the start of the holiday break, we hosted a fun movie night at Field of Dreams for our Ignite youth program! Teenagers gathered in the ark to watch a Christian musical that discussed faith, friendship, and temptations. The students were encouraged to spend their time well and make wise choices over their holiday.

Baking Mentorship

Did you read our April update?! One of the NEW gatherings we started in the month of April was a BAKING MENTORSHIP for small groups of girls. They learned how to bake cakes and muffins during their first gathering.

This time, they learned how to ice the cakes! We truly hope this simple mentorship will not only teach the girls skills, it will also give us the opportunity to disciple them!

Hot Lunch Program

It has been so fun having Nathan join us in Uganda!

The children learned about the story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho at the hot lunch program. The kids learned that God keeps his promises and provides for his people. Everyone made imaginary trumpets to remind themselves of the story they heard. Nathan painted faces and everyone had a blast!

Guitar & Piano Lessons

On Thursday, some of the youth that attend Ignite visited Field of Dreams for PIANO & GUITAR LESSONS! They loved it!!! Nathan spent one-on-one time with each of the kids and shared his experience. He taught them how to play songs like “Jesus loves me” and “How great is our God”.

Say No To Hunger

During last weekend’s Say No To Hunger gatherings, the children were encouraged to be the light of Christ. The team talked about living a meaningful life that honors God. They were reminded to fix their eyes on Jesus in every situation!

The craft made by the children was a tree (made by tracing their hand) full of areas in their lives where they want to see more of God’s presence. They listed things like their family, education, friends, parents, and home!

We are so proud of them and we can’t wait to hear testimonies from their second term of the school year!


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