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Visa Application

You must apply online 2 WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE to obtain an entry visa:

Visa will expire 90 days from the application date.


You must have the following:


  • Valid passport (saved as a .pdf or .jpeg)

  • Copy of your yellow fever vaccine card (saved as a .pdf or .jpeg)

  • A return flight information

  • Passport photo (saved as .jpeg - take a cropped screenshot of the photo that is on your passport)

You will need to upload scans of the above required documents. You will pay for your visa online ($50). Please be prepared to do so.



  • Visa or Permit Type: Select Visa

  • Category: Select Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa 

  • Subcategory: Select Single Entry

Supporting documents:

You only need the following scanned copies of these files to be uploaded later in the process. Minimum file size is 5 KB and max file size is 250 KB.


  • Recent Passport-size Photograph (You can use a cropped screenshot of the photo that is in your passport)

  • Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)

  • Passport bio-data page (.jpeg or pdf copy of your passport)

    Note: You DO NOT need any of the other supporting documents listed in this section. An invitation letter IS NOT required. 

    If you bring in a substantial number of items for Show Mercy, we will give you with a letter to show the Uganda customs officials.


Group data: LEAVE BLANK. Don’t select anything.

Personal Data: Enter your personal information.

Passport data:


  • Passport Type: Select Ordinary Passport

  • Passport Number: Enter Number from Passport

  • Date of Issue and Date of Expiry: Found on your passport

  • Issuing Country: Found on your passport

  • Place of Issue: Found on your passport

Other data:

  • Address in Uganda: Show Mercy at Field of Dreams Wakiso, Janet,0772985115

  • Travel history: Enter countries you've visited or type "NONE"

  • Purpose of Visit: Tourism *** DO NOT SELECT "FRIENDS" or "MISSIONARY"

  • Date of arrival: Enter DAY-MONTH-YEAR

  • Point of Entry to have visa personalized: Entebbe

  • Duration of stay: Enter number of days you will be in Uganda


You will upload your passport, passport photo, yellow fever, and return ticket home. (The minimum file size is 5 KB. The maximum file size is 250 KB)

Once the application is complete, WAIT for the screen to pop up a payment option. Then complete the payment using your credit card.

IMPORTANT: Save a screenshot of the application id number and receipt of the payment.


Please submit your application at least two weeks before your departure date. After you apply, you will receive a confirmation email with a barcode attached within a few days. Please print the barcode email and bring it with you. Your visa application will be saved in the database in preparation for your arrival in Entebbe.

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