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2500 people were helped this week with food


(35 of the 42 days of lockdown have passed. Join us in praying the lockdown is lifted SOON.)

A huge THANK YOU to those who have responded to this need!

Over 2,500 people have received food because of your generosity SO FAR.

Our team in Uganda has been working steadily to deliver food to over 2500 people. TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE!!!! You have no idea how thankful they are. Words cannot even express their gratitude. The elderly in our villages have really been struggling as well. They depend on their children and grandchildren to help, but since they are unable to travel to help them during this lockdown, the elderly are left to fend for themselves. It was a touching time to serve these amazing HEROES food and hope. "It is entirely because of God that we are surviving." - jaja in Uganda Starting Tuesday, we've invited 60 pregnant moms to join us at our Birthing Center. We will be providing free health checkups, much need food, prenatal vitamins and counseling to help navigate this challenging time. Thank you for helping during this time.

Click here to donate to provide FOOD RELIEF, today

Meet a few of the AMAZING people you've helped:

Meet Jaja Alice. She is the mother of 8 children and currently lives with 10 of her grandchildren. In order to make money to provide for her family, she weaves baskets and sells them. Since the lockdown, Alice has been filled with worry. How will she feed her family? How will her young grandchildren survive on one small meal a day? Because of you, she no longer has to worry. She was overjoyed when she received the food. THANK YOU!

Jane is a widow and has no children. Because of this, she has no one to care for her. That in itself is heartbreaking. She has diabetes and high blood pressure which makes her weak and unable to work in a garden to harvest food. On Saturday YOU blessed her though. She was overjoyed to receive bags of rice, beans and more. THANK YOU.

Lutalo lives alone and is physically challenged. He told us he relies on God and Good Samaritans to live. You were the helping hand he needed last week.

Look at the smiles you've put on these BEAUTIFUL faces!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already given. You truly are saving lives!


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