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August Update

Look at What's Happening


In Uganda, they travel miles and miles to collect their water. Then, they physically carry the 42 pounds of water back home. Can you imagine?

That time they spend collecting water is time they can't spend learning to read and write, or earning an income to take care of their family.

But we have some INCREDIBLE news... Because of you, that is CHANGING! In the past 15 months, in partnership with Elijah Streams Ministries and YOU, we’ve funded the drilling of over 60 NEW WELLS!

Not only that, but over EIGHT HUNDRED people have given their lives to Jesus because of these water wells.


MARKET OUTREACH Our team and along with the short term teams bring much joy to the community. From elderly visits to playing games with the youth, their impact is felt by everyone. This week they visited a local farmers market. It's a wonderful opportunity to be intentional to encourage the vendors and to listen to their stories. We've made some amazing friends over the years.

This past week, SIX individuals made the decision to give their lives to Christ after learning about the love of Jesus. Amazing, isn’t it? Many were given their first bible as well. Reaching out in Love is one of our favorite things to do.


FARMING WITH LOVE When transportation is a challenge and you can't make it to the grocery market, you make a garden! This past week we had a 2-day "Farming God's Way" training! We're confident this farming practice will impact they way they grow food and provide for their families! We've seen the impact first hand.

We also had an incredible outreach in the village! We spent time at a single mother's home building a keyhole garden. Together, we planted vegetable seeds and dedicated the garden to the Lord. Now, she can grow food on her small plot of land and it will help alleviate the challenges of hunger the family has been facing.


LIFE SAVING ULTRASOUND IMPACT We’re amazed by the impact the NEW ultrasound machine is making. In Uganda, getting an ultrasound scan is almost unheard of. The cost makes it nearly impossible for families in the villages to access this kind of care. Our ultrasound is the only one available in the area we serve.

So far, the team has been able to scan pregnant mothers, allowing them to see their baby for the first time. Women have found out the gender of their baby and some have even found out that they are having TWINS!

Our technician has also discovered ectopic pregnancies, tumors and masses in individual’s bodies, and so much more.

Many lives are being saved by detecting and treating these medical conditions early. New mothers are being given the gift of peace after learning about the health of their baby. We are so grateful to offer such lifesaving care!


SUUBI CLUB (HOPE CLUB) Did you hear the exciting news? The Say No to Hunger program is now called Suubi Club! “Suubi” means HOPE in Luganda and represents what we want our weekly gathering to be for the students. If you missed this update from SMI's founders, Mike and Lori Salley, you can click here to read the blog post!


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