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Baby Elizabeth was Starving

Have you ever seen a STARVING child?

Last month, we met Elizabeth and her mother at one of our local village outreaches. During these outreaches, we offer free medical care to the most vulnerable and desperate in the community. As soon as the team assessed Elizabeth’s heartbreaking condition, they knew that she needed immediate intervention.

Thankfully, YOU stepped in and saved Elizabeth's life.

Because of your generous donations and prayers, Elizabeth received much needed treatment that literally saved her life.

Isn’t it hard to imagine this kind of malnourishment and starvation?

We can’t thank you enough for your support that allowed us to step in.

Not only did your generous donations go towards Elizabeth's hospital bills and care, we have added Elizabeth and her family to our monthly nutritional program.


We are certain that Elizabeth’s future has been changed. If you want to help transform more lives, just like Elizabeth's, we have an incredible way for you to come alongside us.

Our emergency malnourishment fund is set up so we can immediately step in amidst situations like this.

THANK YOU for truly making a difference!


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