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Emergency Food Support

Uganda is in another lockdown due to covid-19. Some are battling starvation, fear and heavy emotions. Transportation by motorized vehicles is prohibited which means access to food and necessities for life are hard to come by. The children have been struggling not only mentally but nutritionally since the last lockdown in 2020. School lunches are sometimes the only healthy meals children receive, but now schools are closed and parents are unable to work. Would you consider helping to alleviate the hunger and desperation the families in Uganda are facing? Show Mercy is working closely with the local pastors of our communities to help during this potentially catastrophic lockdown. Together, we are identifying the most vulnerable families which include the children in our Our goal is to reach 400 families on this first food distribution. This means between 2500 - 3000 people will receive much needed food! We need your help! Can you donate today and/or share this opportunity to give with your family and friends? As we deliver food, we will also be sharing the love of Jesus with everyone. It's a desperate time in Uganda, but we know God is working in the midst of this hardship. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already given towards this need. THANK YOU in advance. Mike and Lori Salley


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