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Food Distribution Day 1- Covid-19 Response

The distribution of food started today. 600 people were helped. That is 119 families. Not only were they given bags of much needed food items, but they were shown the love of Jesus. Hope was restored and they were strengthened to keep pressing forward. Your GENEROSITY sent a message of help and love to many. OVER 600 people received food today. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! BUT I also got word that we had to turn people away. UGH!!! I cannot even imagine having to tell those people their names are not on the list. Our Show Mercy team had to share the news. It was bittersweet today. One time back in 2010 before we had officially started our Say No to Hunger Saturday gatherings, we had more kids show up to eat than we had planned for. We were cringing at the fact that we didn't have enough, and we were going to have to tell them to leave. Have you ever had to tell a hungry child you don't have enough food? It's the WORST EVER!!! UGH. Makes me want to cry and vomit all at the same time. I HATE IT. That day back in 2010 though, we didn't have to do that. God did something. As our team served the food from the cooking pots, the food NEVER diminished. We fed every child AND had more than enough to send home with the lovely ladies who volunteered to cook. The food multiplied. We all cried and thanked God for that amazing miracle. So today as I got that sinking feeling in my stomach again, I was reminded of this memory. The food didn't multiply at our food give away today. It was hard. It was good. It was bittersweet. People were helped. That was good. Families were encouraged. That was good. But some families left empty handed. Why am I sharing this? Because I'm intent on praying and I'd love for you to join me. I don't know if God will multiply the food like he did before, but I know he wants to do something remarkable. I'm praying for my friends in Uganda. I am praying God would multiply what they have. I am praying God would multiply what Show Mercy is purchasing. I'm praying more hearts would be moved to help. Is that crazy? Maybe. But why not ask. I am asking God for miraculous intervention. I've seen him do it before. Would you join us in praying? Would you consider giving? Can you help spread the word as well? Thanks for caring and making a difference, Lori Salley Co-Founder

We wanted you to meet a few of the AMAZING people you helped today:

Justine is a teacher by trade. It’s been over a year since she’s received a paycheck. She’s been improvising and working on different neighbors farms to earn a little money for her precious children. They’ve been surviving on 1 meal a day, but now with this Covid lockdown, her neighbors don’t have funds to pay her. Today was a day of ANSWERED PRAYERS. Food relief and hope!

Jaja Rose was working as a road side food vendor, but the lockdown put an end to that. She’s been anxious and worried. You see, she has 7 GRANDCHILDREN she is caring for. They’ve had little to eat these past several weeks. Today, that changed. The look of relief on her face and others was so touching.

The children and families in our Show Mercy programs are also receiving food and supplies.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already given. You truly are saving lives!


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