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Pinelake Missions Team October 2021

Pinelake Church is made up of 5 Mississippi campuses with the main campus located in Brandon, Mississippi. It was so fun to host another Pinelake team this month! After only getting 2 hours of sleep after their journey to Uganda, the team was up and ready to head into the village for their first day! This team was made up of some incredible women who left their friends and family to make an impact on the beautiful people of Uganda. Thank you Pinelake (amazing people) for all you have done these past several weeks at SMI Uganda. We can't wait for our next Pinelake team trip in early 2022.

Mom/Daughter Tea

The teenage years can be challenging. Social media, friends, movies and more try to mold us and tell us who we are. That's why this day was SO important. We invited some teenage girls and their parents/guardians for an afternoon of tea, snacks and a reminder of who God says they are – A PRINCESS created for GREATNESS and BEAUTY.

The team shared their personal testimonies of heartache, struggle and overcoming. It impacted and inspired us all. They also helped the girls to create a crown – a reminder of how precious and beautiful they are. In the end everyone walked away knowing they are a daughter of a King... JESUS!

Village Outreach

The team visited a few different families in the village during their time in Uganda. These outreaches consist of encouraging the families, praying for the sick, helping to clean homes, delivering food baskets or mosquito nets and preaching the gospel. We were SO excited that Emmanuel and Gerald (in the bottom left image) accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It was a life changing moment for not only Emmanuel and Gerald but for the rest of the team.

Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way is a resource given to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty! Who knew that farming could impact a person so much? The team visited Michael, who is one of the farmers implementing FGW in the community. They helped him plant a vegetable garden, while also encouraging and praying for him and his family.

Youth/Children's Ministry

The youth/children LOVE when teams come to visit because it gives them the chance to have fun while dancing around, singing songs and spending time with the team.

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Team Testimonies




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