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What the Pinelake Team has been up to!

This team is made up of some incredible people who left their friends and family to make an impact on the beautiful people of Uganda.

Not only do we have a team of 14 from Pinelake... We also have Clarize, from the Netherlands, who has been here for 3 weeks and will be here for a few more weeks. We are also so excited to have the founders, Mike and Lori, in Uganda!!


Here is what the team has been up to...


The Dream Center

The Dream Center looks phenomenal!! We can’t wait to get our library moved in, paint the walls with murals and vivid, happy colors, purchase swing sets, ping pong tables, set up a computer room and so much more. This wouldn't be possible without YOU and Pinelake Church. THANK YOU!

A few days ago, we invited the youth to the Dream Center for a day full of fun, food and encouragement! They were reminded that we serve a POWERFUL GOD and it is important to trust in Him.


Village Outreach/Service Projects

This morning, the Pinelake team spent time serving a sweet family in the community!

Sanyu is an incredible woman who, by faith, is caring for TEN children on her own! One of her main needs was a safer place to cook meals for the family. She cooks over a fire outside of her mud house that has NO covering. So... when it rains, which is often, Sanyu is unable to cook. The rain's always putting out her fire. The family sometimes will miss meals or will eat very late in the day because of this.

The team split up into groups to build her a new bench, dishrack and a covered cooking area! She also received two new jerry cans for collecting water. Sanyu and her children were truly so grateful!

These items will completely transform their daily life, making it easier for the family to prepare meals, cook, and store dishes. The team loved making an impact by giving their time and energy to Sanyu’s family!


Visiting Jaja Christine

On Saturday, our team and Clarize visited Jaja Christine, one of the elderly in our H.E.R.O. program (Helping Elderly, Relieving Oppression.) Christine LOVES having visitors, so she was very happy to see everyone! They brought her food and spent time in conversation with her.

One of the stories she shared was about her experience at the chronic care clinic she attended the day before. Christine told everyone that she had pain all over her body, but the medicine she received did a miracle. She said, “Jesus must have been in the medicine!”The team shared Psalm 139 and thanked God together for relieving Christine’s pain through the clinic. She was truly overflowing with JOY and wanted to spend the whole day with the team. Everyone left feeling blessed by her energetic spirit!


And so much more...

WOW!! Because of so many generous donors, we were able to bring over 18 bags to Uganda full of clothes, diapers, blankets and so much more!! There is something for babies to teenagers to the elderly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Helping out at the farm...



Today we opened ANOTHER clean water well and handed out jerry cans to the community. It was a time full of encouraging messages from the Pinelake team andcelebrating clean water.

We are giving out fresh, clean jerry cans to the community to collect water with. We have added a sticker (pictured below) to remind them that JESUS CARES!!


Breakfast at the Ark...


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