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Another Pinelake Update and EXCITING NEWS...

This team has made a huge difference in the lives of so many beautiful people in Uganda. We are praying for safe travels as they head back home tomorrow.

Here is what the team has been up to...


Children's Ministry

The Pinelake team is reaching out to so many children in the community! Part of the team visited our lunch program in the village of Bakka. Before the children ate, they were reminded that God loves his children and he is a good father. They played fun games together and enjoyed a hot meal!

The children of Canaan Primary School were so excited to have a break from their classes to spend time with the team as well. Lexis taught the children that God is the creator of everything! The children were full of laughter and joy as the team led fun dances and games.

Yesterday, everyone had the opportunity to pour into the youth and young adults at a local secondary school. The boys and girls were split up to discuss important topics that are often not talked about in Uganda! Some of the women on the team shared their testimonies and talked about God’s heart for us to walk in purity. The girls were reminded how vital it is to take care of their hygiene and learned how to use the reusable pads that were given out! The boys discussed similar topics and were encouraged to seek God as they plan for future careers. They were able to anonymously ask questions on different topics.

We are so grateful for the team’s willingness to share personal stories and lead in these discussions!


Medical Outreach

A small group went into the village to visit mothers who recently gave birth! One of the families they visited was Juliet and baby Rahim. Rahim is only TWO weeks old! The team sat with Juliet to check on how she was doing and encourage her that she is not alone. With the help of the medical team, they checked the baby’s weight, height, and temperature! The family was blessed with sanitary towels, a mosquito net, baby clothes, and sandals!

Other members of the team went into the village of Kitooke to serve on the medical outreach! They were taught how to administer a malaria test, distribute medication, and check the height and weight of patients. The community was educated on the signs of malaria and the dangers of treating symptoms with the wrong kind of medication.

Everyone left with the treatment and encouragement that they needed!


The Bridge Program

The children had an amazing time during the one-on-one tutoring at our Bridge Program this week!

The Pinelake team connected with the children as they practiced learning their letters and numbers. They made hand movements as they recited the alphabet out loud together.

One of the girls on the team remembered Luganda from a previous trip, so the children were able to recite numbers in both English and Luganda! They were so engaged and thanked the Pinelake team for spending time with them!


Farming God's Way

Everyone served alongside the agriculture department to plant gardens for two of the elderly in the community! Each garden will serve as a sustainable source of food for them in the future! The team cleared the land and prepared for seeding according to Farming God’s Way practices. They measured and marked where the seeds should go.

Jaja Angelica walked up to her land with the biggest smile on her face! The team truly turned her dry land into a field of HOPE this morning!

After sowing the seeds, they dedicated the gardens to God and encouraged the families to take care of the land every day.


Exciting news...


Close to 50 pregnant mothers came to the birthing center today to see their babies, and they were SO EXCITED! For most of these women, it was their first time ever seeing their baby before birth.

Maniliho (pictured to the left) is one of the women that that arrived excited to see her baby. She is pregnant with her SEVENTH child and has never had the opportunity to receive an ultrasound scan and see her baby. She told us, “I got to see my baby before it’s born and it’s a boy! I was told that he is healthy and growing well. This is my first time experiencing this and I am really glad. I’ve heard about these scans but could never afford to pay for the scan. I don’t know how to express how happy I feel. I am really excited!”

A look at the ultrasound outreach...


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